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3 Minute Song

I tried to write a song, and keep it 3 minutes long
Get in, get out, nobody gets hurt
And I tried a thousand times to fit God between the lines
But I'm finding out that doesn't really work

I just don't have the words to say, ‘cause words only get in my way
I must apologize, I have the hardest time
Finding something to define a God that I can't define
And even if I could, it would take way too long
If all I've got's a 3 minute song

I've got a hundred metaphors, and if I had a million more
I could never ever seem to sum this up
Besides, how can some melody communicate eternity?
It's like trying to fit the ocean in a cup


I'll never find the words to say ‘cause words only get in the way
I would like to dumb this down to 3 chords, or maybe 4
But I've tried and I can't and I won't cause there will always be more
So I apologize, I can't seem to get it right


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Josh Wilson
3 Minute Song
from the album Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup
3 Minute Song
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