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  • Joy Williams

    I Believe In You

    Joy Williams

    from the album Joy Williams

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    You breathe and life begins
    You speak and my world makes sense
    That's how it is when it comes to You

    Your mercy has no end You're more than just a friend
    It amazes me You feel the way You do
    I believe in You, nothing less
    I believe in You can't help myself
    You're all the hope, the reason that I need
    I believe in You just because
    I don't need no one to prove Your love
    For all that I have seen
    It's easier for me to believe in You

    You are so beautiful
    You are the miracle
    That dries the tears and heals the wounded hearts

    And it's so clear to see
    Your hand in everything
    You were there for me, there to see me through

    Through the fire and through the rain
    I know Your love for me will never ever change
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