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  • Joy Williams

    No Less

    Joy Williams

    from the album Joy Williams

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    Every word I have ever said
    Is it true or just what's in my head
    I can say my life is in Your hands
    But you're askin' me where do I stand
    Will they see if I am serious
    When it comes to me who do I really trust

    I wanna give my all and no less
    I wanna live my life with no regrets
    I'll listen to the call
    ‘Cause You gave it all
    So when You put me to test
    I'm gonna give You no less

    Wanna live the dream in side of me
    See the plan for who I'm meant to be
    Doing all the things I know I can
    Not just wishing that I had
    Pushin' on and never givin' up
    Ant less is never gonna be enough


    You felt so much pain
    It's hard to believe
    You gave so much away
    You came to me with nothing to gain
    You offered your best
    Jesus You gave Yourself
    And now I am giving You no less

    Wanna give You everything
    Nothing holding back
    Wanna show You just what I mean
    Doesn't matter what they say
    No, I don't care about that
    You're the only One that I need

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