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  • Joy Williams


    Joy Williams

    from the album Genesis

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    She's independent and beautiful
    Wish I could be like her
    She's got the girls and the boys
    So wrapped around her finger
    Rumor is, she's some kind of dream
    Nobody knows she cries herself to sleep

    We are not that different from each other
    We just want somebody to discover
    Who we really are when we drop our guard
    That love has gotta start with You and me

    He's on the top of the social scene
    He's stylish, cool and clever
    He's gotta cool attitude that screams
    He's got it all together
    You'd think he's addicted to himself
    But he wishes he could be someone else


    Gotta come together
    You know you'll never ever have to be alone
    You gotta hand to hold


    We gotta come together
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