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  • Luminate

    Healing In Your Arms


    from the album Come Home
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    If it's been one time, it's been a million
    Try to be perfect, but it's tearing me apart
    The fear of failing is so familiar
    But you're breaking down the fences in my heart
    I'll slow down breathing in,
    breathing out

    I'm waking up, I'm breaking out
    I'm leaving behind the fear and doubt
    I'm letting go, I'll trust and fall
    Cause I know there's healing in your arms

    So I've been striving, running in circles
    Through the fight, I've forgotten who I am
    God I am longing to break the cycle
    To lose myself, so I can start again
    Slow down, breathing in breathing out


    It's time to give it away, gotta give it away
    Let your love take over
    Love is why you came, you gave it all away
    Now love is taking me over

    Chorus (X2)

    Oh, yes I know there's healing in your arms
    There's healing, healing in your arms
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