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Mac Powell

Mac Powell- singer and songwriter for the band Third Day- has been in the Christian music scene for over a decade. Responsible for writing many of Third Day’s hit songs, including "Cry Out to Jesus," "Revelation," "Call My Name" and "Make Your Move,” Powell has a way a writing lyrics that reaches listeners on a deeper level. His song “By His Wounds” speaks of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross with lyrics such as “We are healed by Your sacrifice. And the life that You gave. We are healed for You paid the price. By Your grace we are saved. We are saved.”

Besides his love for music and ministry, Powell is very passionate about the subject of adoption. He and his wife Aimee have three biological children of their own, and adopted a fourth back in 2009, “When Amy and I dated in high school we actually talked about how when we eventually get married we might adopt,” said Powell. “So it’s always been something that we’ve talked about.” Being a parent and raising a family is also something that is very important to Mac, “I think it’s something that God has placed down in all of our hearts — to be able to raise and educate and love and bring up a child,” he said. “We want to raise them up to be children of faith. To know they were created by a God who loves them and has a purpose and a plan for them.”


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