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  • Mandisa

    Back To You


    from the album Overcomer
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    I could never say enough to thank You
    For everything You've done for me
    And I might think I could do enough to show You
    But I know that's just a crazy dream

    This shouldn't be complicated
    This isn't that hard to see
    It's not about what I do for You
    It's what You've done for me

    You gave Your love, You gave Your life
    You gave Your everything and I
    Wanna give it all back
    Give it all back to You

    You took a heart so black and blue
    And piece by piece You make it new
    The only thing left, the only thing left to do
    Is give it all back to You
    Give it all back to You

    I just want to be a life that You use
    I want all of me to be all for You
    And when I get it wrong You stick with me
    Ain't that the truth
    It's just what You do

    I won't forget what You did
    How You died so I could live
    I don't deserve this kind of love
    I'll testify, testify how You gave Your life for mine
    The only thing I know to do is give it all back to You

    Publishing: Ariose Music / 9T One Songs (ASCAP) (Admin. at CapitolCMGPublishing.com) / Universal Music – Brentwood Benson Publishing / D Soul Music (ASCAP) / Alan Powell Publishing Designee
    Writer(s): Ben Glover, David Garcia, and Alan Powell
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