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Good Morning (feat. tobyMac)

Wave away my yesterday
'Cause I'm leaving it behind me
Hello sunshine, come what may
I feel something new inside me

I hear the birds singing
Now my alarms ringing
Get up, get up

It's a good morning!
Wake up to a brand new day
This morning,
I'm stepping,
Stepping on my way
Good morning,
You give me strength
You give me just what I need
And I can feel the hope that's rising in me
It's a good morning

Slow down, breathe in
Don't move ahead
I'm just living in this moment

I got my arms raised, un-phased
Jump out of bed
Gotta get this party going

I went to bed dreaming
You woke me up singing
Get up, get up


Now I'm smiling, and I'm kissing all my worries goodbye
Got the feeling, if I spread my wings I might even fly
You are my truth, my way
Give me the strength to say
Get up, get up, get up
'Cause it's a good morning

Mr. Mac to the mic

Hey, top of the morning to you 'disa
You smoothie, me ice cold pizza
Cafe au lait, latte dah
You do the zumba, but I do not

Give me like half a marathon
I'll give you the Gospel of St. John
Hits me like a wake-up bomb
Cuz' we both know that His mercy flows
In the morning

Chorus (X2)

Top of the morning to you 'disa
Hey, top of the morning to you girl
Top of the morning to you 'disa
Morning little Miss Sunshine

Man, you morning people
No, I'm serious

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Good Morning (feat. tobyMac)
from the album What If We Were Real
Good Morning (feat. tobyMac)
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