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    Marie Miller

    from the album Marie Miller

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    Selfish heart when did you become
    The center of the universe
    A billion stars and you think you're the brightest one
    It's so vain to put your world first
    You used to give so freely of yourself
    Now you don't seem the least bit concerned

    This heart of mine can be so jaded
    Frozen inside no sign of yourself
    My conscience sleeps and it amazes me
    That I can be so cold

    Shallow heart you're an island to yourself
    Drowning out all the lost at sea
    You speak of love and you preach about your faith
    But you ignore another soul in need
    You know the truth so what it's gonna take
    To wake you from your apathetic dream


    Heaven help me
    Burn within me
    Melt me with your holy fire
    Re-light my spirit
    Ignite the mercy your desire
    Oh help me Lord
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