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  • Writing On The Wall

    Mark Harris

    from the album

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    I came home from work
    She was waiting at the door
    Had that bad day look in her eye
    Then I heard the sound of little feet across the hardwood floor
    And I knelt down with my arms open wide
    When I asked her what had happened
    She pointed to our son
    And said why don't you show your daddy
    What you've done

    And I could see the writing on the wall
    The evidence of little hands
    Picasso with a purple crayon
    I tried to act upset but I was smiling through it all
    I could see the writing on the wall

    It was the first day of school
    Standing by the laundry door
    Wondering how third grade came so fast
    Took a ruler and a sharpie pen and drew the line once more
    So amazed at how time had passed
    With a backpack full of promise
    And wonder in his eyes
    I turned my head just so he wouldn't
    See me cry

    Chorus 2:
    Cause I could see the writing on the wall
    It seems no matter how I tried
    To stop the roller coaster ride
    The pages just kept turning
    Even though deep in my heart I knew we had it all
    I could see the writing on the wall

    Somewhere in the mystery
    Of all that lies ahead
    I hope and pray that you will see
    I tried to do my best
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