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    Matt Brouwer

    In addition to producing inspiring music such as "Sometimes" and his latest "I Shall Believe," singer/songwriter Matt Brouwer has traveled to the far corners of the world and opened his eyes to the unique stories and journeys of believers and non-believers alike.

    The flood of creativity that has sprung forth as a result of his adventures is what’s inevitably colored Matt’s most recent album, Where’s Our Revolution. Teaming up with famed producer Michael Omartian, who’s worked with everyone from Amy Grant to Whitney Houston, Matt says he’s been incredibly inspired.

    “It’s in the spirit of sharing and expressing truth where I feel the most at home as a songwriter, and that focus has continued be the inspiration in writing the songs on Where’s Our Revolution,” Matt says. “It’s incredibly satisfying to put pen to paper in this mindset, and it has changed everything for me as an artist and a communicator.”

    For the Juno Award-winning artist who’s made a career out of offering up vulnerable reflections of his heart, it’s also an opportunity to offer his support of ministries like World Vision and Tom’s Shoes that help make a tangible difference in people’s lives via his “Love Can Save A Life Tour.”

    “The goal is that it be about something more than a great night of music.” Matt explains. “It’s a chance to explore what’s happening in the world and a chance to put faith into action, to live the love and hope that the music celebrates.”

    Matt's latest album Till The Sunrise, speaks of the hope we have in Christ and focuses on a "one for another" approach to life, “It was through some difficult situations that I learned to trust God fully and that I feel like I came back to life,” he says. “My music and career have found new inspiration, and everything really feels fresh right now. These songs truly reflect how much better off we are when we take the risk to love and live for something beyond ourselves. The sum really is greater than the parts.”

    The singer credits his renewed passion for music and people- as seen on this album- to his wife Hannah, whom he married in 2010, “Being married to Hannah has expanded my heart,” he says. “I feel more compassion, not only for her, but for people in general.”


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