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Matt Hammitt

Matt Hammitt, the lead singer of Sanctus Real, opened up a window into his personal pain and struggles in his first solo record Every Falling Tear (September 2011). The album is a reflection of Matt’s experience in almost losing his son, Bowen, due to birth complications and Matt’s commitment to lead his family through the tough times, all while ultimately being led by God.

“I realized that in preparing myself for the worst, I was actually holding back the love and the excitement that I had for my other children because there was uncertainty as to whether or not he would survive,” Matt explained. “'All of Me' is my proclamation that I will give my heart to this child, even if I lose a piece of it. I will recklessly love him, even if I bleed…”

A portion of the proceeds from the album go to benefit Whole Hearts Foundation, a nonprofit created by Matt Hammitt and his wife Sarah. Find out more about the nonprofit and the plight of his son’s Bowen at www.bowensheart.com.  


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Matt Hammitt
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