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Matt Hammitt

Matt Hammitt, one of the founding members of the band Sanctus Real, opened up a window into his personal pain and struggles in his first solo record Every Falling Tear (September 2011). The album is a reflection of Matt’s experience in almost losing his son, Bowen, due to birth complications and Matt’s commitment to lead his family through the tough times, while going on a trust journey with God.

“I realized that in preparing myself for the worst, I was actually holding back the love and the excitement that I had for my other children because there was uncertainty as to whether or not he would survive,” Matt explained. “'All of Me' is my proclamation that I will give my heart to this child, even if I lose a piece of it. I will recklessly love him, even if I bleed…”

Matt left Sanctus Real at the end of 2015 to pursue a solo career as a singer and songwriter. Keep up to date with Bowen's story at www.bowensheart.com.  


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Matt Hammitt
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