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  • Matthew West

    Hold You Up

    Matthew West

    from the album Hold You Up EP
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    Love is a blessing
    Love is a vow
    Love is the reason we're standing here now

    The future before us
    Tomorrow's untold
    But love is the promise that whatever it holds

    Yes, I will hold you
    I will hold you up
    I will hold you
    I will hold you up

    So give me your bad days
    Give me your fear
    Bring all your burdens
    Just lay them down here

    Cuz' I'm not gonna leave you
    When your world becomes war
    I'm standing in the trenches because you're worth fighting for

    Yes, I will hold you
    I will hold you up
    I will hold you
    I will hold you up

    And I will hold you up in victory
    Watch your light outshine the stars
    And when you're breaking down and weary, just be weary in my arms

    There will be trials
    There will be tests
    As hard as I'm tryin' for you, I'm human at best
    But baby don't worry
    If you should start to fall
    Just cling to the one love that's bigger than us all

    He will hold you
    He will hold you up
    I know that he will hold you yeah
    He will hold you
    He will hold you up

    He will hold you, I know, I know, I know
    He will hold you up


    Inspired by the 2010 K-LOVE Next Great Love Song winning story submitted by Ann Mathews from Pennsylvania:

    "I met Jim when I was fourteen. I was working at a Dairy Mart and he stepped out of his car looking very handsome, dressed in full Fire Police uniform (he has been a volunteer firefighter for 37 years). I took one look and said, 'I'm going to marry that man someday.'

    Four years of chocolate milkshakes later he asked me out and we were married 3 1/2 years later. That was 25 years ago and he still makes my heart go crazy when he walks into a room! The true love test came when at 27 I was diagnosed with very aggressive breast cancer and given two months to live. I watched Jim suffer more than I could've imagined...he felt so helpless. I kept telling him, God is way bigger than this and I was right!

    But Jim's true love poured out to me during that time. He was the one who spent months holding my bald head and butchered body over a bucket when I was so sick I couldn't hold it up myself, all the while stroking my cheek and telling me how beautiful I was. Thirty-three surgeries and almost twenty years later he is still holding me up!

    Jim stood by my side as I honored God's miracle by dedicating my life to helping children, having 2 biological, 23 foster and 4 adoptions. He is an amazing father and husband, and Christ's love shines through him every day!"
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