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Wouldn't Change a Thing

Had a picture in my head
How I thought it all would go
But who showed up instead
Turns out you never know
Love will steal you by surprise
And take your heart just like a thief
Love can bring can bring a stubborn man Down to one knee

And I wouldn't change a thing
It's perfectly imperfect
So crazy but it's worth it
And I'm wrapped around you like this ring And something tells me that even if I could I wouldn't change a thing

Love will show you what you lack
Love will laugh at all your plans
And if your heart won't give it back
Love will slip right through your hands
But heaven knows we've had our share
Of days we'd rather leave behind
Oh but love don't really seem to care
It makes the wrong turns right

I'm truly, deeply, madly, completely
Devoted, every moment, 'til my last breath I'm yours

Got a picture in my head of a hundred years from now
When all our lines have all been read
And we're both up there looking down


Inspired by the 2011 K-LOVE Next Great Love Song winner Brenda Franklin of Graham, NC, and her story of her husband Scott:

"God blessed me more than I ever deserved when He brought you into my life. You have relentlessly showed me unconditional love, unshakable faith, and proof that love can indeed bear all things, believe all things, hope all things and endure all things.

When you looked into my eyes and said “I do” 23 years ago, I'm sure you had no idea how incredibly bumpy life together would be. I've been continually blessed by your steadfast devotion toward me and toward God.

You had faith in me when I had none. You called me beautiful when I felt unattractive. You forgave me when I was undeserving. You have, time and again, sacrificed when I was unworthy.

When we faced infertility, you--without hesitation--opted for adoption and made me the mother of two beautiful and amazing girls. And when our family grew from two to four and your family turned away from us, you did not mire in anger, but led us forward with strength and determination despite your own grief. You have been my anchor, my soft place to fall. This year, we'll have been together for 25 years!

Renewing our vows means more to me than words could ever express. I pray that God will bless us with at least another 25 years together, so every day, every minute, every moment until I take my very last breath I can show you how much I deeply respect, admire, love and adore you. Thank you."

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Matthew West
Wouldn't Change a Thing
from the album Wouldn't Change A Thing - Single
Wouldn't Change a Thing
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