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Even Then

On the nights when the dark last a little bit longer
When the wind and the storm is a little bit stronger
When the fear in my heart digs a little bit deeper
When my faith to stand gets a little bit weaker

Where could I run to?
Where could I go?

Even when it feels like my world is shaken
Even when I've had all that I can take
I know
You never let me go
And even when the waters won't stop rising
Even when I'm caught in the dead of a night
I know
No matter how it ends
You're with me even then

When the days up ahead look a little bit brighter
But the grip of the past holds a little bit tighter
I'm reminded Your grace never asks for perfection
Oh I'm restored 'cause I'm Yours and I stand forgiven

And even in the middle of a struggle
And even when it's hard to remember
You alone are my defense when
I'm standing on Your promises and I know
That even in the thick of the battle
And even through the valley of the shadows
You alone are my defense when
I'm standing on Your promises

Publishing: Fair Trade Global Songs (BMI) (admin by Essential Music Publishing); Fairtrade Tunes (SESAC) (admin by Essential Music Publishing) / From The Void (SESAC) (admin by Essential Music Publishing); Tony Wood Songs / Worspring Music (SESAC) (admin by Warner Chappell)

Writer(s): Micah Tyler; Kyle Lee; Tony Wood

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Micah Tyler
Even Then
from the album Different
Even Then
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