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  • Michael W. Smith

    On The Other Side

    Michael W. Smith

    from the album i 2 (eye)

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    I'm not how I used to be
    When we hung around
    Back when it was you and me
    Tearin' up this town
    We used to live our lives running from change
    Now we don't see eye to eye
    I am not the same

    And you wonder where I've gone
    Well, I've found where I belong
    I'm on the other side
    True - I used to walk your shore
    But I'm not there anymore
    I'm on the other side

    Years fade like the setting sun
    Turning us loose
    They give us many ways to run
    And many roads to choose
    Well, I ran into saving grace
    Headed for nowhere
    Love showed me another place
    And brought me there

    Why is it hard for you to see
    All the changes made in me
    Here on the other side
    Oh, I could help you understand
    And you could join me where I am
    I am on the other side
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