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  • Michael W. Smith


    Michael W. Smith

    from the album I'll Lead You Home

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    Sexual harassment - nuclear reactors
    Natural disasters from here to L.A.

    Drug importers
    New world order
    Wars over borders
    Murder on the subway

    The social classes - the high rise of taxes
    Diplomats are passive with a promise again

    Talk of recession - people in depression
    Dow Jones, bank loans, the Japanese yen

    (CHORUS 1)
    I wait for kingdom come
    When love will be here to stay
    It will change us, everyone
    Someday, someday

    Violence in the movies
    Drive-by shootings
    Rioting and looting
    With the boys in the hood

    Cults and religions
    Deadly premonitions
    Fiery oppositions
    Evil battling good

    Aids awareness
    Temporary marriage
    Pro-life, pro-choice
    Roe V. Wade

    Ethics and the media
    Tabloid T.V.
    The Kennedy conspiracy
    The trial of O.J.

    (CHORUS 2)
    I wait for kingdom come
    When love will be here to stay
    It will change us everyone
    Someday, someday
    There peace will make a stand
    And the anger will fall away
    We'll see the lion with the lamb
    Someday, someday, someday

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