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    Moriah Peters

    Moriah Peters' song "You Carry Me" was inspired by the famous "Footsteps in the Sand" poem where God carries us on His shoulders during our toughest times. “I want others to know that sometimes trials are often just about focus," she explains. "When I feel like I’m sinking and all alone, I know my focus isn’t on God anymore. ‘You Carry Me’ is a celebration song, a reminder to look back on the difficult times God brought us through. He promises that He will never leave or forsake us!” 

    "You Carry Me" is off her album Brave released in July 2014. The album sums up a season of life characterized by fighting a severe illness and balancing separate tour schedules with her new husband, Joel Smallbone, lead singer of for KING & COUNTRY. “I learned a valuable lesson during those moments when I didn’t have strength to speak. Life can’t be taken for granted, not matter what your age. I also understood that fear and faith often come in a package. Choosing faith is an act of bravery. It’s a decision."

    Moriah first turned her life over to God at the young age of 14, and growing up in Chino, California, she always considered singing and songwriting her passion, but never imagined that making music would be her career. “After high school, my ‘genius plan’ was to go to college, major in psychology, minor in music and eventually become a lawyer.” she said “Thankfully, I prayed one of the most important and dangerous prayers I’ve ever prayed, ‘God, I just want to be used by you.’”

    After auditioning for American Idol and being told by producers that her Christian lifestyle was not “ideal,” Moriah knew that was God closing the door. Shortly after Idol, the now 19-year-old signed a record deal with one of Christian music’s most respectable labels, Reunion Records. Her first single, “I Choose Jesus” speaks about taking a stand for your faith, and choosing to believe in God.

    'I Choose Jesus' was written out of the experiences I had in high school where I was of one of only a handful of Christians in my classroom, since most people were either atheist, agnostic, or following a different religion,” she said. “I realized very quickly in that environment that you have to take a strong stand in what you believe in, and that people won’t always necessarily agree with you, but they will respect you for saying something.”

    One night after getting frustrated with not being able to answer all the questions of her non-Christian classmates and teachers, Moriah looked at the stars and tackled the tough question of God really existing. “It caused me to realize that if there was not a God then nothing mattered, but if there is a God, then nothing else matters, and I need to choose to follow him.” In that moment she chose Jesus, and Moriah believes that this understanding has allowed her faith to become so strong.

    As Moriah's faith has grown, her musical creativity has expanded as well. While serving with Scott and Kelli at Denver's Sharefest, she was stationed miles away from the tragic Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings on July 19, 2012. The following day, she collaborated with fellow artist Rhett Walker to write and perform "Just Pray" in memory of the victims and gave it away for free for K-LOVE listeners. Listen to the song and see the original lyrics at www.klove.com/justpray.


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