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    Natalie Grant

    Natalie Grant continues to touch people with her powerful voice with "Closer To Your Heart," off her latest and most personal album Hurricane (October 15, 2013). "These songs are my stories," she says. "This record is full of music that is positive and bright, both musically and lyrically. Even when everything seems dark, my faith keeps the light on. I feel these songs help me to tell that truth in a fresh way."

    "Closer To Your Heart," follows "Hurricane," a song that is a great reminder that God is always by our side- no matter how difficult the storm. "Feeling battered by the waves of your circumstances? God is reaching for you," she says."God knows exactly where you were an hour ago, where you’ll be tomorrow, and where you are now. You are not alone. I've journeyed through a lot over the past three years. This record is full of my stories and is a reminder that no matter how dark the struggle may seem, I am not alone. And through writing these songs, I've been reminded that hope always wins.”
    Often compared to powerhouse vocalists such a Celine Dion, Natalie has been inspiring listeners with her music for over a decade. Known for her signature songs like “Held,” “In Better Hands” and “I Will Not Be Moved,” the singer consistently delivers a Christ-centered message, and has always been committed to putting feet to her faith by making a difference in the world around her. 

    After a life-changing trip to India, Natalie has made it her mission to combat international human trafficking through her work with Abolition International, which she founded in 2005. The trip also served as an inspiration for many of the songs on her breakthrough album Awaken (2005).

    “God completely changed my life when I took a trip to India. I saw little, tiny children for sale on the street and I began to learn about the modern day horrors of slavery; human trafficking,” Natalie explains. “I knew I’d be wrecked for life after that trip, but I also knew that I could not stand by and do nothing, I had to do something.”

    Natalie continued to encourage her fans with her album, Love Revolution (August 24, 2010), featuring "Your Great Name," "Alive" and "Human," among others. Each song is meant to motivate you to be the change you want to see. "When we live the love of the Gospel out loud, a revolution will occur," she reflects.

    "Alive," was featured on the album Music Inspired By The Story, a record comprised of songs based on biblical stories from a variety of artists including Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West and others.

    Married to Christian music producer Bernie Herms, Natalie also treasures her role as a Mom to her three girls: Grace Ana, Isabella Noelle and Sadie Rose. “We were told we would never conceive and we had a less than a one percent chance of ever conceiving a child, so it’s been the coolest shock of our lives!” Natalie said to K-LOVE. “He (God) always has the last word in the situations of our lives, it’s not always the word we want to here, but in this situation it’s a miracle.”  

    Natalie was also nominated for "Female Artist of the Year," at K-LOVE Fan Awards in 2013, and recently received the same nomination for the 2014 K-LOVE Fan Awards. 


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    Natalie Grant
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