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I Believe

In a land far away
Time stood still
Long ago 
There were shepherds in fields
Or at least this is how 
The story goes X2

Woman with child 
And an inn with no room
Born in a manger 
Foretelling a tomb
This is how 
The story goes
But it is more than a fable
And it's more than a fairytale
And more than my mind can conceive 

I believe 
The Wiseman saw 
The baby boy the angels 
called the Son of God 
Heaven's child
The great I am 
Born to take away my sin
through nailed pierced hands 
Emmanuel has come 
I believe 

Two thousand years
Still the story lives on
God's gift to us
Sent to earth wrapped in flesh
His only son X2

And the heartbeat of heaven 
Confounded our wisdom 
But it's still the simple truth 
That sets me free 


Precious child How can it be that 
God's great plan 
For history 
Would send you to 
The lonely tree 
That you would come 
For one like me

I believe In a cross
I believe he came for one
he came for all 
Heavens child became a man
Gave his life for me 
In spite of all I am
I believe X2
Oh I believe
Christmas lives in me 
I believe

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Natalie Grant
I Believe
from the album Believe
I Believe
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