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  • Natalie Grant

    What Are You Waiting For

    Natalie Grant

    from the album Awaken
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    Sometimes I get that overwhelming feeling
    So sad those faces on TV
    If I tried to make a difference would it help anyway
    But then I stop and to myself I say

    So you wanna change the world
    What are you waiting for
    You say you're gonna start right now
    What are you waiting for
    It only takes one voice
    So come on now and shout it out
    Give a little more
    What are you waiting for

    Sometimes I feel a little helpless
    Seems like I can't do a thing
    But anything is possible just you wait and see
    Good things happen if you just believe


    Someday somehow
    Gonna take that step
    Cause time is ticking away

    Right here right now
    Before it's too late
    Gonna face tomorrow today

    Chorus: (2x's)
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