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    Growing up in a small town that’s not exactly known for its music scene, namely Possum Kingdom, South Carolina, the four guys in NeedtoBreathe have always felt like outsiders. This quality has ultimately worked in their favor because it has forced them to step up their game with the music they create.

    In fact, the non-conformist, no-holds-barred approach to reach the world they live in with the Truth, is what fueled songs like "Something Beautiful" and "Lay 'Em Down" from the band’s album, The Outsiders (2009). The popularity of "Something Beautiful" extended to the big screen in 2010, as it was featured on the soundtrack of "When In Rome." The band continues to successfully bridge the gap between the Christian and mainstream music scene and even teamed up with Taylor Swift on her "Speak Now" tour in the spring and summer of 2011.

    As the sons of an Assembly of God pastor, brothers Bo and Bear Rinehart have always had a way with words, as well as a longtime love of music. Their mother taught them piano at a young age, and the Rinehart boys currently write compelling songs that profoundly impact audiences. Prior to The Outsiders, the band released The Heat featuring songs “Washed by the Water” and “Signature of Divine (Yahweh),” which you can hear them play in churches, Christian music festivals and even mainstream clubs.

    Their latest album The Reckoning (September 19, 2011) is a more focused record, yet it still has the band's classic sound, “In the past, we’ve always come with 50 or 60 demos and just tried to choose the best ones out of those,” Rinehart said. “In this case, we really wanted to focus on songs. … What’s the song we’re feeling in this moment?”

    “We’re just going to keep trying to figure this thing out, and obviously make a lot of mistakes along the way. As of this moment, I feel like it’s as close to a classic record as we can ever make at this point,” Rinehart says. “If you don’t like this record, then you probably aren’t going to like NEEDTOBREATHE.”

    The band is currently on their NEEDTOBREATHE tour in various cities across the nation.


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    Go Tell It On The Mountain
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    The Reckoning
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    Rivers In The Wasteland
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    The Heat
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    The Outsiders
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    Difference MakerRivers In The Wasteland iTunes | Amazon
    Go Tell It On The MountainGo Tell It On The Mountain iTunes | Amazon
    Keep Your Eyes OpenThe Reckoning iTunes | Amazon
    Lay 'Em DownThe Outsiders iTunes | Amazon
    Let Us Love The Outsiders iTunes | Amazon
    MultipliedRivers In The Wasteland iTunes | Amazon
    Signature Of Divine (Yahweh)The Heat iTunes | Amazon
    SlumberThe Reckoning iTunes | Amazon
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    Streets Of GoldThe Heat iTunes | Amazon
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