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  • Newsboys

    Beautiful Sound


    from the album Love Liberty Disco
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    Turn the page
    Can't turn the light out
    Every word every line
    Carries to my soul
    Dark letters on a page
    Singing so loud
    Where did I go wrong not to hear You

    Eighteen years
    I guess it was alright
    I let You do the thinking
    I'd just bide my time
    Father to son
    Sunday hand me down
    Where did I go wrong
    Not to hear Your song

    It's a beautiful sound
    movin' through the crowd
    Voices lifted up
    On high for You
    It's a beautiful song
    We've only just begun to understand
    Rediscovering You

    To have found You
    And still be looking for You
    It's the soul's paradox of love
    You fill my cup
    I lift it up for more
    I won't stop now that I'm free
    I'll be chasing You
    Like You chase me

    Something tells me it's alright
    You know it's gonna be alright
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