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All my world, all I've lost
The wrecks I've made here
The lives it cost
Your hand restores
Your words make me whole
With all my soul
I thank you
I owe You

All my…Devotion
All that I have to give
Here's my devotion
You're all that it means to live

All my past
My tainted name
You stole its legacy of pride and shame
You're all I love
You're all I fear
I'm drawing near, to face you to show you


You found me
In a shallow grave
You dragged (called) me out from beneath it all
You healed (touched) me
Saved me
In the nick of time…Your perfect time

I devote all I have to you
I devote all that You've made new
All You restored that day You bled
All that You brought back from the dead


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from the album Devotion
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