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    from the album Step Up To The Microphone
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    To cut the stays of reason, till death defy
    All understanding in the neighbour's eye
    To run the race like this day's the last celebrate
    In all we do and all we say look up –
    ‘cause the world looks on

    we sing hallelujah
    when all has become nothing
    our hope in the savior, has covered all we do let it be for you
    we'll sing hallelujah, and fall to the ground again
    with hands stretched up to the sky
    we're waiting for the day,
    we'll hear the father say yeah to hear him say
    “we'll done, good and faithful one
    enter in, come on share with me
    welcome home, food and faithful one
    on and on to eternity”

    Think I'll wait for the tide
    Seems it's all I can do right now
    There must be a reason
    I've run aground

    I'll wait for the waves to come
    By the moon and the tide
    Like a man and his bride
    I will wait on you, Lord
    And we will run so far from here to your……safety

    Think I'll lie in the sun for awhile
    Maybe inside out
    I've been leaving messages for you
    I'm sure it will all work out
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