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    Christmas Carol


    from the album The Christmas Shoes
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    I first met her in December on a snowy winter's night
    And it didn't take me long to see that something wasn't right
    They called her Christmas Carol

    Said her mind was nearly gone
    But she could still light up the room
    When she sang a Christmas song

    Seems no one knows the story to explain her Christmas cheer
    Why she keeps the decorations up all through the year
    And though she long ago forgot the names of family and friends
    When it comes to singing Christmas songs
    She's like a child again

    Sing, oh sing, Christmas Carol
    Sing with all of your might
    Sing Joy to the World
    Sing O Holy Night

    You're closer now to Jesus
    Than you've ever been
    Sing, oh sing, Christmas Carol
    Sing your songs to him

    I had told my son about her, so I thought I'd take him by
    And he was so amazed at all the tinsel and the lights
    She laughed and told her stories of her Christmas memories
    But nothing told it better than when she began to sing


    The last time that I saw her, she didn't recognize me
    Her hair was thin and she was frail, and she couldn't even speak
    But I could sit down next to her, sing her favorite Christmas songs
    And somehow, God only knows how
    She could still sing right along

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