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    Jesus To The World


    from the album Arise My Love, The Best Of Newsong

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    A little girl who is hungry
    Prays for something she can eat
    A single mom doing all she can
    Finds herself out on the street
    Will we see their need and hear their cries
    Look at our watch and just walk on by
    Or will we stop and take the time
    To be Jesus in their lives

    We need to be lambs that roar
    We need to be eagles that soar
    We need to be salt
    We need to be light
    We need to be Jesus to the world

    We need to take love into the streets
    Be willing to turn the other cheek
    We need to be strong
    We need to be weak
    We need to be Jesus
    Jesus to the world

    Jesus came with a message
    That would change the way we live
    He showed us all by example
    What the heart of heaven is

    He saw our need and He heard our cry
    He loved us so much that He gave His life
    He taught us by his sacrifice
    How we should live our lives


    We can talk and talk about what is wrong
    But that won't change one thing at all
    We must take God's love where the hurting live
    'Cause that's what Jesus did


    We need to be Jesus
    Jesus to the world
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