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An import from our neighbors to the north, Canadian band Newworldson has brought a healthy dose of funk and “soul” to the Christian music scene evident in their songs “There Is A Way” and its newest “Learning To Be The Light.” 

"There's a lack of community in people's lives today,” explains singer Joel Parisien on the band’s Facebook page. “If you trace back the roots of 'roots' music, of 'soul' music, of 'folk' music, it's about folks; it's social music. We hope our fans become our friends. We hope they leave our shows feeling inspired. Our community is about uplifting people."

After getting its start in a slew of jazz clubs, the band was invited to open for Newsboys on their “Go Tour” in 2007. While on the spring leg of the tour, Newworldson recorded its critically acclaimed debut, Salvation Station, featuring single “There is a Way;” a catchy, inventive fusing of reggae, soul, funk and pop sounds.

Along with Joel, the band is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Josh Toal, bassist Rich Moore and drummer/percussionist Mark Rogers. Comfortable playing in both churches and general market club settings, the guys in Newworldson are committed to reaching people wherever they’re at. In doing so, they’ve built a diverse audience of fans in Christian and mainstream circles and have been nominated for several Dove and Juno Awards (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy Award) along the way.

Newworldson’s latest album Rebel Transmission featuring “Learning To Be The Light,” is a more polished and produced record, that showcases the band's diversity, "It still sounds like a Newworldson record in that it's very eclectic," says Parisien. "It goes to a lot of extremes; and it's still a mixture of genres, with soul music and gospel music being the foundation of what we do. There's still plenty of artistic liberty."


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