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  • Nichole Nordeman

    To Know You

    Nichole Nordeman

    from the album Wide Eyed
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    It's well past midnight
    And I'm awake with questions that won't
    Wait for daylight
    Separating fact from my imaginary fiction
    On this shelf of my conviction
    I need to find a place
    Where You and I come face to face

    Thomas needed
    Proof that You had really risen
    When he placed his fingers
    Where the nails once broke Your skin
    Did his faith finally begin?
    I've lied if I've denied
    The common ground I've shared with him

    And I, I really want to know You
    I want to make each day
    A different way that I can show You how
    I really want to love You
    Be patient with my doubt
    I'm just tryin' to figure out Your will
    And I really want to know You still

    Could not understand how You could
    Truly free us
    He struggled with the image
    Of a grown man born again
    We might have been good friends
    Cuz sometimes I still question, too
    How easily we come to You

    No more campin' on the porch of indecision
    No more sleepin' under stars of apathy
    And it might be easier to dream
    But dreamin's not for me
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