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One Sonic Society

You could say that One Sonic Society was a band that came together by a fluke.“There’s been no master plan,” band member Jason Ingram said. “There is a vision the four of us share, it’s simply a passion to see people worship God. We want to be available for God to use our gifts plus the experiences we’ve walked out, in our respective journeys, to be able to serve the church.” 

Their song, "Never Once," was co-written by Matt Redman, and speaks of the constant and never-ending faithfulness of Christ."When we wrote this song both of us were coming out of some hard seasons of life," Jason explains. "We were thinking about how when you look back on those hard seasons you can see God's grace in them. You can see how God is faithful, you can see how God is always there. My hope is just that whoever hears the song, will know that the God who is faithful yesterday, will always be faithful tomorrow- because it's true, He is faithful."

The band's name is reflective of the band's unity ("one"), creativity in music ("sonic") and the diversity that exists among the band members ("society"). One sonic society consists of producer/songwriter Jason Ingram (son of author/speaker Chip Ingram), acclaimed drummer Paul Mabury, and former members of Delirious: Jon Thatcher and guitarist Stuart David Garrard aka Stu G.

"Forever Reign," off the band's first album One (EP), has been recorded by Hillsong and was also part of the 2010 WOW Worship album. Following that, One Sonic Society released the album Society (March 2011), which included the heartfelt single “Beautiful Savior." The album celebrates the unity of the four band member coming together from different backgrounds to make worship music.

“We want to be a catalyst,” says Jon Thatcher. “We almost want to be invisible. We want to create something bigger than us. This isn’t a band. This is something beyond that.”

The band followed Society with their project Live At The Tracking Room- a live worship album featuring many favorites including, “Forever Reign," “The Greatness Of Our God," “Always," “God You Are My God,” as well as two new original songs."This is the album I've wanted to make for a long time," says Jason Ingram, of Live At The Tracking Room. "It's honest and hopefully to that end beautiful." 

One Sonic Society continues to inspire listeners with many churches around the world using their songs in their services. 


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