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  • Phillips Craig & Dean

    Favorite Song Of All

    Phillips Craig & Dean

    from the album Phillips Craig & Dean
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    He loves to hear the wind sing
    As it whistles through the pines on mountain peaks
    He loves to hear the raindrops
    As they splash to the ground in a magic melody
    He smiles in sweet approval
    As the waves crash to the rocks in harmony
    Creation joins in unity to sing to Him majestic symphonies

    But His favorite song of all is the song of the redeemed
    When lost sinners now made clean lift their voices loud and strong
    When those purchased by His blood lift to Him a song of love
    Nothing more He'd rather hear, nor so pleasing to His ear
    As His favorite song of all

    He loves to hear the angels as they sing, "Holy, holy is the Lamb"
    Heaven's choirs in harmony lift up praises to the great "I Am"
    But He lifts His hands for silence when the weakest saved by grace begins to sing
    And a million angels listen as a newborn soul sings, "I have been redeemed"
    It's not just melodies and harmonies that catches His attention
    It's not just clever lines and phrases that causes Him to stop and listen
    But when any heart set free, washed and bought by Calvary, begins to sing
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