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  • Phillips Craig & Dean

    This Is The Life

    Phillips Craig & Dean

    from the album Favorite Songs Of All
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    This life is the life that I've chosen
    Nobody made me do it
    Feels right, givin' all my devotion
    Take it from a man who's had a taste of both sides
    There's no sweeter freedom than a godly life
    I just wanna testify

    This is the life
    I'm where I wanna be
    Livin' from the center of a heart that's free
    Oh, I'm feelin' alright
    Day or night, rain or shine
    This is the life

    You think it's a dull life I'm livin'
    Yeah, you say it's such a pity
    So weak, to need a crutch of religion
    Pardon me a minute but I think I need to say
    I don't need your sympathy so don't be talkin' that way
    You will see the light some day
    Now I'm not sayin' that I never had a bad day
    But since I've been livin' for Jesus
    This is what I have to say
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