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    Beautiful History


    from the album Beautiful History - A Hits Collection
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    I have made mistakes
    And I have been afraid
    I have felt alone
    Then you called my name
    Things were crashing loudly
    Happening all around me
    But your still small voice
    Was all that I could hear

    “I am here
    I'm holding you
    You'll make it through this
    I am here
    I am here”

    Whenever you run away
    Whenever you lose your faith
    It's just another shake of
    The pen on the page
    A lonely ray of hope
    Is all that you need
    To see
    A beautiful history

    But your still small voice
    Is whispering
    I toss and turn and scream
    I try to do everything
    With two feet on the ground
    I just keep falling down again
    I feel so far from home
    Completely all alone
    And then I hear you say
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