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You live inside a dream
Where everything tastes so sweet
As long as it agrees with how you feel
You're dancing in your sleep
Til all the eyes that look at me
Awaken your anxieties

You're so afraid
So you try to break me, yeah

Well I don't wanna care
And I don't wanna hate
And I don't wanna see you fall too far away
Oh because of fear
Cause when you're afraid
You lash out and blame
And you say all the things
That you'd never meant to say
And try to break me
But in the end
What leaves you broken
In the end
Makes you better

Your face it looks so green
When the sun is shining differently
And you're standing in the shade
Cause face to face you're sweet
Like candy sticking to my teeth
But underneath so damaging

There is no strength
In trying to break me


I don't wanna hate
I don't wanna be broken
I don't want to hate you


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from the album Chaotic Resolve
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