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  • Plumb

    Don't Deserve You


    from the album Need You Now
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    You're the first face that I see
    And the last thing I think about
    You're the reason that I'm alive
    You're what I can't live without
    You're what I can't live without

    You never give up
    When I'm falling apart
    Your arms are always open wide
    And you're quick to forgive
    When I make a mistake
    You love me in the blink of an eye

    I don't deserve your love
    But you give it to me anyway
    Can't get enough
    You're everything I need
    And when I walk away
    You take off running and come right after me
    It's what you do
    And I don't deserve you

    You're the light inside my eyes
    You give me a reason to keep trying
    You give me more than I could dream
    And you bring me to my knees
    You bring me to my knees

    Your heart is gold and how am I the one
    That you've chosen to love
    I still can't believe that you're right next to me
    After all that I've done


    I don't deserve a chance like this
    I don't deserve a love that gives me everything
    You're everything I want

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