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Sink n' Swim

I lost it all
You got it back
Believed in me
When I gave up on myself again

A sudden rain
Revealed your face
I knew right then
No matter where
I go I'd have your hand to hold

We will sink and
We will swim
Til' the ocean turns to sand
We will laugh
We will cry
Til' there's no more breath inside
Cause we will sink
But we will swim

I was,
A tender reed
Bent in the wind
And then the storm had passed
And you helped me stand right up again

So here we are
Nothing to lose
Sp take my hand
We'll jump right in
The water's warm
It's time to live


It doesn't rain
For nothing
It will shine
For you


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Sink n' Swim
from the album Beautiful Lumps of Coal
Sink n' Swim
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