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    from the album Beautiful Lumps of Coal
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    Did you ever hear of Carrie
    Mother to six
    Angel to a thousand
    You may have never seen her
    But her actions spoke much louder

    She changed this place
    She changed this place

    Did you ever meet a man named Joe
    Father to eight
    Giver to plenty more
    He'd give you his very last dollar
    When what he needed cost two

    He changed this place
    Without you knowing his face

    We're so selfish
    Self seeking
    We're so desperate to be number one
    So unworthy
    Of what's given
    What are we doing here

    Have you ever played the martyr
    Only for the reason of a prize
    Can we ever give up trying
    To be something in another's eyes
    And change this place
    We can change this place

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