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  • Point Of Grace

    Faith Hope and Love

    Point Of Grace

    from the album Point of Grace
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    Faith, hope and love
    Is more than enough when times get tough
    Faith, hope and love
    Will tunnel through what's in front of you
    If you just trust in faith, hope and love

    There's a lot of things we face
    That seem to pull us down
    There's a lot of tears and pain
    That turn our world around
    Seems the hammer always falls against us
    At our weakest times
    But I know a power than can heal
    The wounds it leaves behind
    It's a stone's throw away
    From anything we may face


    There's a lot of hurt and sorrow
    That can cloud the bluest skies
    Still there's hope in tomorrow
    If we just close our eyes
    To every fear we must face
    As we learn to embrace...


    You can trust
    You can really, really trust
    In faith, hope and love

    Just a little faith will pave the road before you
    To see you through

    Chorus 3X
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