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I Wish

Wish I didn't feel so helpless
Wish I didn't act so selfish
Wish I didn't wring my hands night and day

My hair was a little bit smoother
My jeans fit a little bit looser
And I always knew the right things to say

And I wish I wouldn't hide
What's been goin' on inside
And I wish you wouldn't get scared and run away

Wish I was doin' better
With all the things that matter
I guess I've got some learnin' to do
I wish everyone had someone
To hold them and to love them
The way I'm always gonna love you
I wish wishes came true

I wish there was a cure for cancer
Wish somebody had an answer
And all God's children never got hurt

I wish Eve never bit that apple
Young men never went to battle
And I didn't get so mad at the world

I wish I was more like Jesus
And could pick up all the pieces
And make a better life for my baby girl


For everything I'm wishin' I know someone's up there listenin'
So I say my prayers when I go to bed

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Point Of Grace
I Wish
from the album How You Live (Deluxe Edition)
I Wish
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