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  • Point Of Grace

    Let There Be Light

    Point Of Grace

    from the album Winter Wonderland
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    Star of wonder star of might
    Star with royal beauty bright
    Westward leading still proceeding
    Guide us to thy perfect light

    From the beginning the Father
    Had a magnificent plan
    Revealed through the law and the prophets
    To fulfill the redemption of man
    You spoke after centuries of silence
    In the midst of a still starry night
    And Emmanuel came down among us
    And the Father said Let there be light

    Let there be light!
    Let it shine bright
    Piercing the darkness with dazzling white
    Hope for the hopeless was born on that night
    When God sent his Son
    And said Let there be light
    Let there be light

    People who walked in great darkness
    Gathered from near and afar
    Shepherds with flocks in their keeping
    Three kings who follow a star

    Together the poor and the richest
    Witness that Bethlehem night
    And the sky full of angels announcing
    The birth of a glorious light


    We who are His have this calling
    To praise Him and make His name known
    So one day the presence of Jesus
    Shines in every heart and every home
    Shines in our home
    Star of wonder star of beauty bright

    CHORUS x2
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