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Praise Forevermore

Earnestly I sought You
Lovingly You found me
Embraced me as Your child
Now I'll never be the same
No greater love than Yours, Lord
Never known it before
Only ever dreamed about
This abundant love

Singing hallelujah, hallelujah
To my awesome God
Lift my voice unto my closes friend
I'll praise You to the end
Singing hallelujah, hallelujah
To the faithful one
Raise my hands in honor of You Lord
I'll praise forevermore

How could I say thank you
For joy and peace so beautiful
Father, friend, my Jesus
Lover of my soul
Savior of the world
I dance before Your throne now
All that is within me
Will rise to glorify

repeat chorus

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Point Of Grace
Praise Forevermore
from the album Free To Fly
Praise Forevermore
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