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  • Rebecca St. James

    Yes, I Believe In God

    Rebecca St. James

    from the album Hits
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    Whatever the cost
    From this day on - until forever
    I will take the narrow road
    For I am not alone
    I do not walk this path alone

    Yes, I believe in God
    This I will say to you
    Mean it death or mean it life
    Oh, I believe in God
    For I have found the way
    And I am not ashamed
    I believe in God

    So through the fire
    I'll be refined
    And if that fire
    Were to take this life
    I'll be with Him forever
    I will be with Him forever

    You said
    "If any man comes after Me
    He must deny himself, take his cross
    And follow after Me"
    So here I come after You
    Knowing when my life I lose
    You give Yours in return
    you give Your new life in return
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