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    Rush Of Fools

    Best known for their hit single “Undo,” the most-played song on adult contemporary Christian radio stations in 2007, Rush of Fools got its start after winning a contest called “Band With a Mission,” a title that really couldn’t be more fitting for the Alabama natives.

    The band's first single “When Our Hearts Sing” from its self titled album Rush of Fools helped put the band on the map, and was followed by its second album, Wonders of the World, an album that received four Dove Award nominations.

    "I think that compared to the last record, we actually had time to breathe," lead singer Wes Willis explains. "We played hundreds of shows and wrote and sat and played together and worshipped together. All those things fed into this album, and I think we were able to write songs the same way we did last time and yet we found a new voice, a growth in ourselves and in our collaborations with our producers. We're still a worship band, and we still love writing those kinds of songs."

    In addition to Wes, the band is comprised of Kevin Huguley (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Jacob Chesnut (bass, backing vocals and Jamie Sharpe (drums). While the members are fueled by a desire to lead audiences in worship while expanding its musical repertoire, Rush of Fools feels most at home when simply praising God.

    "It doesn't matter what aspect of life you're working on, you always have to learn how to recreate something," Wes adds. "You always have to learn how to grow and change and from a musical aspect, that's definitely what we've done with (Wonders of the World). There was a lot of growth on this project, but still true to our core heart of worship, because that's who we are."

    The band's latest project We Once Were featuring the song "Grace Found Me," is an album about hope and the restoring power of one's faith. "We hope our inspiration for writing blatantly about dark times will show the beauty of the redemption story," said Band guitarist Kevin Huguley. "We believe the dark times are not by mistake."


    Rush of Fools
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