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  • Scott Krippayne

    Sometimes He Calms The Storm

    Scott Krippayne

    from the album Wild Imagination

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    All who sail the sea of faith
    Find out before too long
    How quickly blue skies can grow dark
    And gentle winds grow strong
    Suddenly fear is like white water
    Pounding on the soul
    Still we sail on knowing
    That our Lord is in control

    Sometimes He calms the storm
    With a whispered "peace be still"
    He can settle any sea
    But it doesn't mean He will
    Sometimes He holds us close
    And lets the wind and waves go wild
    Sometimes He calms the storm
    And other times He calms His child

    He has a reason for each trial
    That we pass through in life
    And though we're shaken
    We cannot be pulled apart from Christ
    No matter how the driving rain beats down
    On those who hold ot faith
    A heart of trust will always
    Be a quiet peaceful place
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