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    Shane & Shane Shane & Shane's latest song "That’s How You Forgive," off their new album Bring Your Nothing (May 14, 2013), speaks of the importance of grace and forgiveness in a powerful way. “It’s just a Gospel song,” Shane Everett explains. “It really resonates with people’s hearts, especially if they know the Lord. And if they don’t, it walks them through how the Lord forgives. He came, and He died for us, and He rose to life; and we get raised with Him.”

    Texas natives Shane Barnard and Shane Everet (Shane & Shane), have been making music together for over a decade. Known for songs such as, "Be Near," and "He Is Exalted," the two men are constantly being praised for their hypnotic harmonies and worshipful music.

    For the album Bring Your Nothing, the Shanes purchased an old house and turned into a recording studio on 22 acres in Cedar Hill, Texas. The guys invited seven friends- Jason Hoard (Third Day), Tyler Chester (Fiction Family), Josh Moore (Caedmon’s Call) and their drummer, Joey Parish- to join them for seven days to sing and record the tracks for the album.

    “We had guys who were amazing players and great friends, and we just put it in the red and went for it,” Shane Everett shares. “This is how people should make records. It was the most fun we’ve had. It was a blast!”

    Bring Your Nothing is filled with honest confessions, and convicting tunes, something the Shanes are very proud of. “If we believe what He says and His Word, it is an offensive Gospel to the bent of the heart, because we don’t love people like that. It is against our nature to love people like that,” Shane Everett said.

    “What sets us apart as believers, what sets our message apart, is that you don’t bring your ‘fill-in-the-blank’ to make God happy,” Shane Barnard adds. “You bring what you have, and what you have is nothing. That’s all He requires of us.”

    Besides making music, both of the Shanes are family focused. Shane Barnard is married to singer Bethany Dillon, and the two have two daughters together. Shane Everett and his wife Kellie have two girls and another on the way in June.

    Shane & Shane reduced their 150 tour dates from last year down to 80 so they can spend more time with their family.“I actually feel like the Lord’s really called Shane and I to speak our message to the church a lot more than to the un-churched,” Shane Barnard said. “Eighty dates is doable, and we do feel called to still have a voice in that way, but the voice isn’t more important than our daughters.”


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