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    Shawn McDonald

    Once faced with nine felony counts on a drug bust, Shawn McDonald is an example of how God can use the brokenness and mistakes in your life to bring you Closer to Him.

    In 1998, Shawn’s rebellious lifestyle finally caught up with him as he was caught using and dealing drugs. As he reached rock bottom, he cried out to God for help and made a commitment to turn his life around. This would mark the beginning of a long, arduous journey that wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. He eventually would get married and have a son, Cohen, but the marriage crumbled amidst shortcomings both by Shawn and his wife.

    “The reality is that my wife and I both made mistakes,” explains Shawn. “For me to try and defend myself, that’s almost like trying to deny the fact that I messed up. But I did mess up, I hurt people, and I feel ashamed about it.”

    God used these experiences, however, to bring redemption for Shawn. The songs on his newest album, Closer, were written amidst his struggles, and disclose a sense of transparency and authenticity of the hope that God provides.

    “Regardless of my pain, on days when I would be like Where are you, God?, I would remember that He is faithful. Even in my brokenness, there was always a deeper feeling of hope.” explains Shawn. “It was like He allowed things to crumble just so He could rebuild it all. God has redeemed me, and He is healing my heart.”


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