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    from the album Resonate
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    Let the sea resound
    Let every knee bow down
    We will praise You
    Let every tongue confess
    Of Your righteousness
    We will praise You

    Let the mountains ring
    With praises to our King
    We will worship
    Let the skies proclaim
    What Your hands have made
    We will worship

    Let all nature sing
    Let the earth rejoice
    We will resonate, resonate Your glory
    Let all living things
    Praise You with one voice
    We will resonate, resonate Your glory

    Let the rocks cry out
    Let the children shout,
    we will worship, we will worship;
    Let the water's roar
    Praise You forevermore
    We will worship You

    Let Songs of joy, fill the air
    Your praises echo everywhere
    From oceans deep, to the sky
    Let all things praise Your Lord most High
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