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    Known for writing relevant, empowering songs that encourage young women, and ultimately, all Christ-followers to be the best examples of Jesus they can be, Superchick is a diverse pop/rock band comprised of Tricia Brock (lead vocals), Melissa Brock (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Matt Dally (bass, synths), Dave Ghazarian (lead guitar) and Max Hsu (DJ, keyboards, songwriting).

    Making its debut in 1999 at an Audio Adrenaline concert, Superchick’s first album Karaoke Superstars had several songs placed in hit television shows and movies including Reese Witherspoon’s breakout flick "Legally Blonde."

    Thanks to the exposure the band received as a result, Superchick eventually broadened its reach with its 2006 album Beauty From Pan 1.1 that featured the group’s signature hit “Stand in the Rain.”

    Continuing to push its musical boundaries, Superchick pulled out all the musical stops while maintaining its positive, faith-central message for its 2008 album, Rock What You Got, featuring the popular single “Hold.”

    “We’ve always encouraged people to go nuts with their gifts and abilities, but on this album we personally did that ourselves,” says Matt. “There was an instance where Dave did 100 different guitar takes of one riff ‘til his fingers bled, and Tricia kept singing until her voice gave out. On this album we just went for it!”

    The band's commitment to excellence has continued through their latest single "Let It Roll" and is precisely what’s made them a fan favorite over the last decade.


    Beauty From Pain 1.1
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    Last One Picked
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    Rock What You Got
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    Karaoke Superstars
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    Cross The LineRock What You Got iTunes | Amazon
    HoldRock What You Got iTunes | Amazon
    I Belong To YouRegeneration iTunes | Amazon
    It’s OnBeauty From Pain 1.1 iTunes | Amazon
    Let It RollReinvention iTunes | Amazon
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    Stand In The RainBeauty From Pain 1.1 iTunes | Amazon
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