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    Cross The Line


    from the album Rock What You Got
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    Follow the leader, stay in the lines
    What will people think of what you've done this time?

    Go with the crowd, surely somebody knows Why we're all wearing the emperor's clothes Play it safe, play by the rules Or don't play at all - what if you lose?
    That's not the secret, but I know what is:
    Everybody dies but not everyone lives

    I'm gonna ride like I've got the cops on my tail I'm gonna live my life like I'm out on bail

    I'm gonna be out front, gonna blaze a trail I'm gonna cross that line

    Everybody freeze - don't step over the line Don't stand up, they'll shoot down the first one who tries Try to change the world, they'll think you're out of your mind Revolutions start when someone crosses the line They want us to lie down, give into the lie Nothing has to change, and no one has to die That's not the secret, but I know what is:
    Everybody dies, but not everyone lives
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