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  • Superchick

    I Belong To You


    from the album Regeneration
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    Everybody needs to belong somewhere
    Life can feel so alone without someone who cares
    And when life becomes something just to get through
    That's when I'm glad that I belong to you

    I belong to you
    I belong to you
    You're the one who will never let me down
    Won't let me down
    I belong to you, Lord
    I belong to you

    Sometimes life brings more pain than we can bear alone
    When hope is gone and I have no strength to stand on my own
    When nothing helps there's nothing that I can do
    You surround me and show me

    When love is gone, there is no one for me to live for
    Letting go of the things I've always clung to
    That's when I need to feel that
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